Peter de Pradines is retired and living in the Balearic Islands. As a young lad, he was given the job of pumping the local church organ which was perched high in the rafters way above the heads of the congregation below. Ever since he’s been a keen observer of the ways of the world and the people in it. What goes on has never ceased to amaze him.

His current speciality is asking unashamedly awkward questions and then writing about some of the more genuine answers he receives. 

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Book 1

Politics – Money – Business

First volume focuses on the more prosaic aspects of our daily lives. Find out about the many things we all take for granted but are not at all what they first seem.

Book 2

Conflict – Justice – religion

Second book covers conventions and rules into which we end up by chance, birth or environment. Once again, we discover a great deal which is totally wrong.

Book 3

Disinformation – End Game

The last in the series deals with how such deceits are contrived and communicated. Why and what for? Finally there are some  workable ways for building a better future.

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