Deception for Power and Profit Book 1This book is no Johnny-come-lately. The seeds lay dormant beneath the hard earth of reality for many years. In many ways, it is, in essence, a summation of all my Alice-in-Wonderland surprises of over half a century’s living in several different countries and societies.

Distilled from many and varied times spent both at summer balls, complete with white-tie, champagne cocktails and ushers, to others beside the high-street cardboard mattress crew. It’s based on wide experience and a laser-look at some very dodgy but all too commonly accepted ideas. It really is time to wake up.

In fact, those Alice-in-Wonderland feelings prompted the original title which was Fairy Tales for Grown Ups. This was a popular choice until a wise marketer pointed out it was good but was also going to upset a whole bunch of people. No matter if on Google or Amazon, Mums seeking bed-time stories for youngsters were the ones who were going to be entering the keywords Fairy Tales. Deception for Power and Profit Book 2

 They were going to be more than a little upset when they came across a book detailing the shenanigans of modern society. Whilst such bed-time reading might well have prepared their tender-offspring better for the tricks and traps of modern life, when it came to settling down to sleep, Thomas the Tank Engine and his pals were a better bet. The result would be no sale, frustrated Mums and the two big search engines for books both pointing everybody down the wrong alley. It had to go.

 And so, Deception for Power and Profit was born. This, one would hope, left little or no doubt to the browsing book-seeker what lay between the covers. People with that odd, queasy intuition things in today’s society were not quite as they should be, would find what they were looking for and the infants could slumber between their own covers innocent, untroubled and uninformed. No matter, their time would come

 Many notes were kept over many years ending up with an incredible stack shuffled into a fantastic note-taking app called Bear. I recommended it to you. Like a distant oasis in the desert, the destination was hazy and distant. There were many mirages along the way. Eventually, the idea got a skeleton and, bit by bit, factual meat was hung upon its bones.

Maybe there was, like in Snoopy’s case, a dark and stormy night. For suddenly it seemed touched by lightning. The whole project came to life. Swiftly it took on the energy of a bowl of fermenting yeast, a very sorcerer’s apprentice of a book – there was no controlling it. Originally intended as a brief ebook of around 40,000 words, it tripled in size. An adjustment was clearly needed.Deception for Power and Profit Book 3

After much dithering, the obvious answer arrived like a bucket of cold water – split it into three ebooks. And that is what happened. As I write, Book 1 is coming up to its final edit and should be published in late November. Book 2 is scheduled for the end of this year, 2018 with the final one, Book 3 arriving in the first month or two of 2019.

At that point, all three ebooks will be combined into a door-stopper single book, in both paperback and hardback. After all, if we’re going to cut down the trees, it can at least be used as a door-stopper if nobody reads it. 🙂

In subsequent posts, I’ll be covering each book in more detail.

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This book is no Johnny-come-lately. The seeds lay dormant beneath the hard earth of reality for many years. In many ways, it is, in essence, a summation of all my Alice-in-Wonderland surprises of over half a century's living in several different countries...

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