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Easily remember 100+ passwords that were:

  • Totally your own and unique to you
  • All different and unique to what they were protecting
  • 100% unbreakable rock-solid security
  • Unforgettable yet never logged or written down
  • Include built-in 30 or 90-day obsolescence reminders
  • Nobody could ever discover your system, nor you theirs

Impossible, right?

Well, actually no – not impossible at all

This book will show you it is entirely possible. What’s more, once you know the secret, it’s surprisingly simple. There has never been a greater need for top-notch password strength and security. And that is only going to increase as more stuff goes online and cracking techniques get both more advanced and profitable.

Simple, logical, perfect idea for creating passwords. By breaking up the password into components it makes a manageable formula for creating unique passwords for all of your accounts. Even a suggestion for how to handle changing your passwords every few months as required by some websites.

If multiple, complex passwords are causing you a pain in the sit-upon, the solution is at hand. Click the purchase button above, sleep quietly tonight, worked easily tomorrow knowing you’ve got it sorted.

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London-born Peter de Pradines retired 15 years ago. As a long-term resident in the Balearic Islands, he is now well and truly past his sell-by date. But so far, he refuses to be recycled. All his life, he has been a keen observer of people and society’s ways, he has always found the quirks and memes of everyday humanity entirely fascinating.

We all seem to do the most peculiar things. We follow remarkably bizarre customs daily defying reason, rationality and good old fashioned common sense. Why is that?

Peter’s writing prompts a lot of questions. Occasionally he suggests some answers but, as he learnt from his father early in life, it’s not the answers which are crucial – it’s the questions. They are the vital keys. Only with them can you reveal useful answers. If you never discover the right questions, you may never find any of the right solutions. 

If you’re interested in a different view on life, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

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