We all know how to peel a potato. So, why do we buy so many oven chips?

You know, the ones you just open the packet and stuff them in a hot oven for a few minutes. They are much more expensive and may well contain preservatives not good for either the body or the waistline.  Each American eats more than 55 kg of potatoes every year. However, fresh potato consumption has declined from more than 22 kg per person in 1993 to just under 16 kg in 2018. So, why is that?

Simple answer: because it’s more convenient. We all prefer not bothering to buy, clean, peel, boil, fry and whatever to the little darlings. We’d much rather somebody else did that for us. A little of which could be because were a bit lazy but the real answer is we’ve all got better things to do than spend our time messing around with spuds.

BTW: One commonly quoted explanation for why we call potatoes spuds is there was a 19th century activist group called The Society for the Prevention of an Unwholesome Diet, or SPUD, which was formed to keep potatoes out of Britain. This group didn’t want Brits eating them as it was killing the market for other home-grown vegetables. The story was perpetuated in Mario Pei’s 1949 book, The Story of Language.

Be that as it may, convenience and a shortage of time to dedicate what authors really enjoy, writing, means they’re not all that keen on building websites. Sure, they can get free hosted websites on places like Wix, Toala and the rest, but you’ve still got to build the wretched thing.

You’ve got to learn their system, gather your graphics, (a veritable copyright-minefield in itself), and shove the whole thing together so it looks at least half-decent. Even then the torture is not over – now comes SEO, keywords and a whole bunch of other trials and tribulations. Good news, it is not.

Perhaps you now see where the example of potatoes and oven chips comes in? Both good chips and good websites can be a very messy, hugely time-consuming business; time and effort far better dedicated to writing your next best-seller.

As the person behind PdePages, I have been a professional designer, both on and offline, for many decades. I can claim to go back to the to the megalithic days of DOS, Cobol and Fortran. Along the way since then, I’ve made, to put it mildly, a few errors. But I’ve also learnt quite a few tricks of the online design trade. For me it has become second nature. What I never got into and what I find to be a veritable jungle is social media. Meanwhile, those later to the online party have taken to it like babes to a nipple.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to see there’s an opportunity here. Your help me and I help you. I will provide you with a really well designed, effective website to promote your book, and you can help me out surviving in the steamy online jungles of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. All of which are distinctly behind-the-lines enemy territory to me.


Click the ‘Get yours‘ button below and we can both get on with advancing together.

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