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What You Don’t Know About What You Think You Do

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What if you discovered …

  • You don’t live in a democracy?
  • You don’t legally own  money in your bank account?
  • It’s no big deal 97% of it is make believe anyway.
  • Making war is more profitable than drugs??
  • All faiths are genuine, but every religion is a scam?
  • And those are just for starters…

Maybe we’re not actually lied to—well, not that often anyway.

They’re a lot smarter than that. We are more likely to be seduced with spin, half-truths, and soothing sound bites. The few unpalatable deals, events, or shenanigans that do sometimes surface and see the light of day all get a swift state funeral, decently hidden behind firmly closed establishment doors. Much that is illegal, immoral, and unethical is swiftly brushed under the carpet of establishment respectability.

This book seeks to level the playing field. It deciphers the tangled enigmas of everyday life. Have you ever considered how gerrymandering undermines our so-called democracy, how finance and banks leverage both power and politics, what toxic tactics are shared by organised religion and commerce, how fake news can be so effective, or what on earth is Tweedism? If you would like to know, then here you’ll find the answers

In brief, this book, What You Don’t Know About What You Think You Do, highlights some of the many deceits practiced upon us all every day. It brings modern life’s fine print under the spotlight. Turns out there are a few terms and conditions that we never knew we had signed up to.

What you don’t know about what you think you do..

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Never forget any password ever again

What if you could…

  • Remember all your passwords easily?
  • Have a different one for every place?
  • Be totally sure they were nuclear-grade secure?
  • Know quickly and simply which ones had not been changed recently?
  • Not have to write them down or store them anywhere?
  • Be absolutely certain yours were entirely different from anybody else?

What a difference to your online world it would make !!!

Too much to ask for?

Well now you can. And it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg to find out the secret. This eBook gives a run down on password security – what works, what to watch out for and how you may innocently be giving away your personal data.

Then it goes on to explain the incredibly simple stem-cell method invented by the author. You even get access to your own Excel password generation sheet to download and keep.

100+ Home Start-up ideas

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It really looks like the virus problem is going to be around for quite a while. For everybody (governments included) it’s always been a difficult choice between health and the economy. Government has no money of its own. It all comes from taxes – our money now, or in the future.

But the coffers are bare and many governments have huge debts. Sooner or later these will need repayment. This is why they are desperate to get people back to work. But health-wise that is still not very wise! And many are staying at home. Many are losing their jobs and cannot find another.

There’s has never been a more urgent time to consider starting up your own home business.

Here are a 100+ suggestions to get you thinking.

If you need more help, more detailed information or guidance on any of these suggestions use the form below.

Tell us which of the business ideas you are interested in and you’ll get a response with a lot more detailed information, guidance and useful online links.

Don’t wait while others get ahead of you. Do it today.

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With this handy e-book, you will obtain detailed suggestions for optimising your website that are easy to implement. The goal is not only to achieve better placements in the search results in the short term, but to optimise your website sustainably through better usability and stronger performance, thus generating more visitors and increasing sales.

In this guide, we explain the most important website optimisation terms, and give you real-life examples and tips on how to make your website structured and informative. This will help you to increase your website’s reputation and brand image on search engines. The Website Success Guide is quite simple. Chapter by chapter, you can pick out the information that is useful for your business. The tips that appear throughout the book will help you.

  1. 3 good reasons to start your business today

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1.  Low start-up costs – most businesses can now start on a bootstrap of a budget and for less than £100. With a smartphone and business card in hand, you can make sales and set up operations with ease, and from home.

2. Enabling technology – social media platforms and trading sites offer start-ups a powerful route to market. Selling and promoting yourself online is affordable and achievable and successful businesses are being built on Facebook and promoted via Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, selling everything from morph suits to graphic design, financial services and artisan goods.

3. High level of support – when starting a business, you won’t be alone! There is an abundance of support to help you start and grow.

With all this on offer, can you resist the urge to become your own boss?! This guide will point you to the help and resources to make this happen and it comes complete with clips of companies who tell their story of success.

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