***Don’t delay – this is a restricted offer***


Free web design & hosting – just for Indie Authors

FREE cutting-edge professional websites for fellow authors who would like to work with PdePages to jointly promote writing and books. This is what you get:

  • Fully customized to your own design, content and style
  • All text and graphics editable by you – very simple to do!
  • Unlimited space and traffic
  • Hosted on a cutting-edge server.
  • Free sub-domain
  • Support and guidance whenever you need it.
  • Nothing to pay, either now or in the future

Need a no-cost profesional website?

Here’s the deal:

  • PdePages needs help with social media and blog articles
  • In return, you do one of the following for PdePages each month:
    • 2 short posts on Facebook.
    • 2 tweets on Twitter.
    • 1 mini-article on your new blog.
  • You get a free fully hosted and maintained personal-website.
  • It’s a simple deal, it costs nothing – we just help each other.


  • Contact me by clicking the ‘Get yours here’ button below or clicking HERE
  • Don’t forget this is a limited offer. I cannot do it for everybody – first come, first served

Why is it free?

  • PdePages is new and needs to get known around the Web.
  • I am not good at doing social media and but I am good at websites  🙂
  • It’s too much hassle to swop money paying each other when we can just cooperate.


  1. Angelica

    As far as I understand, your aim is to promote your blogs all around the globe. But there are so many other ways to market and promote your blogs, like paid marketing, regular promotion and updates, SEO and so on. All you need is proper guidance. Plus there are thousands of people who will do all this in like peanuts. In short what you are doing is like giving hundred bucks to someone and getting ten bucks in return.

    • peterdep

      No, I regret you seem to have missed the point. The reason for doing it this way is to help others who are struggling. Sure, I can buy SEO and a position on Google by clever keywords but these are not ecological. As soon as I stop paying, they expire and I’m back into oblivion. Contacting and relating to people in common interest, and for mutual benefit, is not only a nicer way to work together, but it also has sound foundations and will endure the test of time.


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