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Increase your chances of a sale. Give your prospective buyers a chance to read a chapter or two before they buy your book. Amazon’s ‘look inside’ makes a lot of difference to sales. You too can now get this on your website if you partner with PdePages.

Read a couple of chapters...

Click the Look Inside button above to see a working example of this feature used for my own What You Don’t Know book.

How to get a Look Inside for your book?

Just like the free book cover and the free web site to promote your book, we needs help with social media and blog articles.

In return, do any one of the following for PdePages each month:


  • 2 short posts on Facebook.
  • 2 tweets on Twitter.
  • 1 mini-article on your new blog.


  1. Billy Cyrus

    This feature looks interesting; it will allow authors to get useful feedback. As a reader, I really appreciate authors who give a little glimpse of what’s working and what’s not working in the novel. It will definitely help the writer create a built-in audience.

  2. Jay Windling

    How is this a unique feature? I mean if I have to boost my unpublished novel, I can simply upload certain number of chapters on my website to give my readers an idea. Can you please explain a bit more about this feature, how is it beneficial and different?

    • peterdep

      Sure you can. When you fly you can go, economy, business or first class; the choice is yours. You pay a different price for each. Here you’re being offered first-class at no cost. Which would you prefer your readers saw, the classy flip-book we’re providing or just a common old garden PDF you scrawled your way through? The choice, as ever, is yours 🙂


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