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Exclusive & professional webdesign - no stock templetes

Your new website will be uniquely designed with you and your business in mind. There are no cheap cookie-cutter templates used at PdePages. Everything is created from the ground up in order to show off your business and your own signature style.

All the usual pages
  • Home – this is your ‘landing page’ where folks arrive to see what you offer.
  • Services – what services you provide or what products you sell.
  • Blog – nobody buys yesterday’s newspaper – keep your site fresh with new content.
  • About – this is where you establish confidence with visitors. Introduce yourself.
  • Contact – an essential portal for visitors to ask questions or seek help.
Blog section with CMS

A blog is an absolute essential for a modern website. It is your shop window online. Would you go into a shop that never changed its window display? Blogs are the ideal place to show off your skill and expertise. They promote ratings in Google and the search engines and often are the catalyst that turns visitors into clients.

Shopping cart with checkout

State-of-the-art WooCommerce shopping pages complete with full checkout and payment gateway. PayPal is highly recommended for its security, reliability and virtually universal acceptance. Included are credit card gateways for all major cards worldwide.

Logo design, website colour coordination and style

If you have a logo it can be adapted to integrate with your new website. If not, you will have one created free of charge. You get to choose whatever fonts, styles and colour palettes you like best. We can provide plenty of help, guidance and advice as to what works best but the final decision is always yours.

Content cost implication

Quite apart design-structure (pages, menus and links) your new website is like an empty new building. A new home or office needs decorating and furnishing. A new website needs content – text and pictures. This content is generally static and supplementary to blog posts.  If you already have plenty of content material, it can be adapted for the web. If you do not and you want it produced for you it can substantially increase your costs.

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Web Hosting

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Lightning fast Cloud delivery

PdePages uses only high-performance web hosting built on the cloud infrastructure for optimal performance and reliability – but at low cost. No longer must your visitors wait to load your website! The Cloud combines robust technologies with premium hardware, low-density environment and blazing fast SSD storage. All this combined with the six unique levels of combined caching to ensure extremely fast loading time for your website.

Secure Socket Layer

Today, as never before, top-notch online security is essential. Originally, data on the Web was transmitted in plaintext that anyone could read if intercepted. If a user visited a shopping website, placed an order, and entered a credit card number it would travel across the Internet unconcealed.

SSL was created to correct this problem and protect user privacy by encrypting any data that goes between a user and a web server. Today’s web visitors are security aware and look for that SSL padlock in their browser. If it’s not there, they leave.

Free personal domain name

If you haven’t already got one, we provide a free personal domain name for you in either a dot .COM or dot.CO.UK format. With a personal domain, you create a brand-name for yourself online. You’ll love sending and receiving email with your custom email address. When potential clients see your personalised domain and email, they’ll know right away you’re a professional and you stand by your website.

99.9% Server Up-time

Server uptime means the amount of time your site is available without going offline. Downtime is the amount of time your website is offline. When your site is offline you can lose your visitors, customers and a good search engine ranking. 99.9% uptime means your site is guaranteed to have less than 100 seconds a day when it is not available.

Secure regular backups of website and data

No more worries about manual backups, that’s all taken care of automatically. And we’re in full control of when your daily backups take place. We set it up, then you can forget about it and just focus on building your business.

Fully inclusive regular maintenance

Site monitoring, malware scanning and backups start as soon as your website is launched and even when the account is first set up. If unexpected data loss or damage does occur, your website and data can be restored to a fully repaired state within minutes with just one click.  We take care of it all. You never have to worry.


Keep it short. Keep it simple

Here’s something you may not know. Newsprint and webpages are almost never read, they are scanned. When a few words or a title catch a visitor’s interest,  only then they start reading – and then but briefly.

Anyone can put information online. Few can do it really well. It must be easily understandable. So organise your thoughts and your notes first. Ensure you are clear what you seek to convey. Clarity of writing almost always follows clarity of mind. So, think about what you want to say, then say it – as simply as possible.

  • Use short sentences and paragraphs
  • Sub-headed sections
  • Simple words and phrases
  • Be specific, informative, clear and to the point
  • Avoid jargon, catch-phrases and the complex
  • Chunk information into bite-sized bits.

For a more detailed but still brief look at the subject, read this blog post:


I first wrote that article many years ago and it circulated the Web. It remains as true today as when the key points were isolated by authors like Jane Austen, Dickens and Mark Twain long before my existence. The last one of those three is credited with a wonderful snippet which I keep in mind every time I hit the keys:

“Had I more time, I should have written less”. 

People reading your words want to be informed, entertained – and quickly. As much as you may hanker to be the next Harry Potter writer, even J.K. Rowling had to work hard for years before she hit the big time.


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Phew! So, you have finally got your thoughts down in words and paragraphs.

Did you make any typos? Is your grammar decent? Are you about to become famous on the Web, not for your content, but for your mistakes? I will always remember the lady writing about our local cathedral in Palma de Mallorca. She had visited, been entranced and later wrote it up in her blog.

When she was there, she was lucky enough to catch a choir practice. Enraptured by the singing, she couldn’t help mentioning she felt the lofty ceiling help carry their ‘angel voices’ into the rafters. The cathedral’s agnostics were truly incredible, she trilled.

I’m sure they were, and no doubt remain so even to this day. But perhaps that was not quite what she meant. Another, enthusiastically wrote about Frank Sinatra singing ‘The Girl from Hiroshima”, a most unfortunate mistake. You will make them too. We all do. We all need somebody else to read through and polish our words. It is only they who can bring them close to their ultimate sparkle – without the boo-boos.

There are many editing styles. Which is appropriate depends not on what you write but who is reading it. I have two very professional and lovely ladies who edit my major pieces of work. One in Florida and the other in the U.K. They both get the same text to work on and it comes back with many changes – not only the correction of my errors and lapses but with quite different styles. One for the American readers and the other for the British. Each market has its own particular style.

Never write for yourself, write for your readers. On a webpage this means carefully pitching your style to an international market. And afterwards read it out load next morning. Always get someone to check it for you. How many (later very obvious) errors you make will surprise you.

Nobody gets it right first time.

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