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at surprisingly good prices

prices start from just 69 euros

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design + hosting + logo + domain

Services dedicated to small & home-based businesses

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Web Design

Professional hand-crafted web sites tailored to your own personal specifications and requirements.

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High-performance cloud server infrastructure for optimal performance and reliability but at low cost.

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Published international author creating top-quality dedicated copy for your product, service or business.

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Editing & Mentoring

Effective copy and text editing with polishing to ensure a smart professional finish.


We design custom-built websites for small and home-based businesses

Top quality at low cost

Everybody wants the best value for money and this is especially true during these hard times of the COVID virus when many are losing their jobs and livelihoods. Everyone has to be very careful about what they spend and get the best they can for their home business. PdePages is dedicated to helping and promoting small and home-based businesses.

We ensure you get the highest quality at the best economic costs possible. You will not find a better value for money service anywhere guaranteed!

In print

Effective design and copywriting are two of the most difficult tasks you need to do when it comes to promoting your home business. There’s a good reason why they are so expensive – the good stuff is very hard to produce.

We do our level best to give your message the right tone and pitch. It’s important. No matter how good your service, product or service, if you cannot communicate your message clearly it will not get through to your customers.

We ensure both your words and your brand is enticing and effective.

Who is PdePages?

Peter de Pradines is an internationally published author with a long technical background in Information Technology and graphic design. He has a first-class masters degree in Computer Science and a bachelor’s degree in design.

Following a short career flying with the British RAF, in 1971 he arrived in the Balearic Islands of Spain where he built and owned several business interests. He knows full well how much effort is needed to get both an aircraft into the air and a small business up and running successfully. 2003 he tried to retire but found life sitting on the beach, no matter how beautiful, can get very boring. So now he passes on his long experience to people just starting out.

Peter does not depend on income from PdePages allowing him to set surprisingly low rates for his services. Having few overheads, he only seeks to cover the cost of the facilities he provides. If he can help the next generation of budding entrepreneurs get going that, in itself, is a huge satisfaction.

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