What You Don’t Know About What You Think You Do

What if you discovered …

  • You don’t live in a democracy?
  • You don’t legally own  money in your bank account?
  • It’s no big deal 97% of it is make believe anyway.
  • Making war is more profitable than drugs??
  • All faiths are genuine, but every religion is a scam?
  • And those are just for starters…

Maybe we’re not actually lied to—well, not that often anyway.

They’re a lot smarter than that. We are more likely to be seduced with spin, half-truths, and soothing sound bites. The few unpalatable deals, events, or shenanigans that do sometimes surface and see the light of day all get a swift state funeral, decently hidden behind firmly closed establishment doors. Much that is illegal, immoral, and unethical is swiftly brushed under the carpet of establishment respectability.

This book seeks to level the playing field. It deciphers the tangled enigmas of everyday life. Have you ever considered how gerrymandering undermines our so-called democracy, how finance and banks leverage both power and politics, what toxic tactics are shared by organized religion and commerce, how fake news can be so effective, or what on earth is Tweedism? If you would like to know, then here you’ll find the answers

In brief, this book, What You Don’t Know About What You Think You Do, highlights some of the many deceits practiced upon us all every day. It brings modern life’s fine print under the spotlight. Turns out there are a few terms and conditions that we never knew we had signed up to.

What you don’t know about what you think you do..

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